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Crappy doodles for y'all


Mountain Mew
If you want you can draw my BF cause you drew me in the last one :p


Very sorry, but im only doing one free doodle per person right now.:c
Maybe I'll redo this in the future and reopen slots for people who've previously had a free piece done.^^
but if you want something with a lot more quality to it, feel free to note me, my commissions are open and I've been itching to get some stuff done, haha.c':


Active Member


Lost in the Static
Your art is glorious. Do you mind if I share your drawing of my 'sona on FA and Weasyl? I will give proper credit as usual.


King of Probably Nothing
I've just finished designing my fursona, so I don't really have a proper visual ref, but it is basically a red panda, but with different colors.

Do you think you can work with a normal Red panda ref and a description of the colors?