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Create a New Law


You can't just quote yourself! -Me
Just like the title says, invent a new law to be immediately put into effect with the full force and backing of your nation's government. No catches. No legislative red tape. No votes. No political fallout on you. Be as serious or pants-on-head ridiculous as you'd like. Feel free to have your laws interact with those of previous posters.

In this. your power is absolute and you word final.

What do YOU subject your people to?


Me? I'd make forming, attempting to form, or presiding on the board of a homeowner's association, or similar entity, a felony punishable by life in prison with no chance of parole or appeal. It's my property, dammit, and I'll do what I please on it. Keep your grubby mitts off it and your nose out of my business!


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Only one law? God damn it.

False/fake criminal allegations made against someone will have the same consequences as the crime the person have been alleged to have done. So if you throw false rape allegations.. Feel free to a decade in prison.


You can't just quote yourself! -Me


I wanna declare the first Sunday of every month "national furry orgy day". A day where furries engage in a big orgy pile wearing suits or animal ears or something of a similar nature. In public.

Silveredgreen for President 2020!

I'd made a law against increasing people's property taxes. They get locked in when you buy your property and then get redone if you sell it to someone.


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All federal, state & local laws automatically expire after 20 years but they can be renewed by a simple majority vote of all houses of the legislature or city/town/village council. No veto, filibuster or amendments are allowed when renewing a law and debate is restricted to one hour for those opposed to renewal and one hour for those for renewal. Votes must be public and recorded when renewing a law; no voice voting is allowed.


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Dueling is legal. Smoothbore single shot pistols in a 32.calibre. Finally will get people to stand by what they speak instead of hiding behind lawyers. Also there's a provision if you duel a lawyer you get a rifled barrel instead.
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All bills or laws must be read by the parties voting them in, and if need be read in front of the people voting.
This is to:
A) stop the political kick backs being smuggled into bills as favors.
B) stop filler language that is only used to confuse or obscure.
C) Stop absurdly paged open end bills.
D) Hold those accountable who are voting.

Any bill that has a word count of a short story or a small novel will be dismissed on the spot. If you propose a bill with over 1000 pages you're barred from proposing a bill for 6 months as well as having all 1000+ pages thrown at you and you have to clean them up.

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Every able-bodied man, woman and child must lift at least once a week. If more people were worried about being jacked, and tann, and juicy af, then the world would be a better place in my mind.


New International Law: It's officially, legally, not gay if there's no butt or anus contacted involved. Therefore, swordfighting is not gay, and is a pasttime two straight guys in love can enjoy.


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If the nation goes to war the president and other politicians go on the front line along with the soldiers.

We're bringing it back to the days we're if a war was fought the king led the charge.

I can imagine there'd be a lot of peace if all nations adapted this and the politicians themselves had to face death and bullets.