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(Other) Selling: Create your own games from your characters art and story ($500 and up)


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Have you ever wanted to see the characters you've creating in a game? Do you have a story to tell but just writing it down doesn't seem enough? I'm here to help you turn your idea, art and story into games.
With my skill set, I can help you from the idea bouncing stage all the way to the finish line and show you the ropes. The services I offer are.

Idea bouncing and consulting (free)
If you're curious what it takes to make a game, have an idea and want to know what to do next, don't know what game engine you need to choose or have a question or two about the developing process, feel free to contact me. I'll be glad to help you out.

Visual Novels
Visual novels are pretty much stories with images, one of the simplest forms of games. It's a trick to make people who don't like reading to read your story in a game format. If the story you want to tell is the most important aspect, you can tell your story in a VN format, depending on the size of your story, this can be the cheapest option and a great starting point.
It includes those 3D rendered games you might've seen popping up everywhere.

Point and clicks
These are halfway between VN and 2D games, a Visual Novel with extra game mechanics, Still story oriented, but there's more to them than just clicking to advance with occasional choices.

2D games
Mostly platformers and classic RPG type games, but it can be any game you've played on a console when you where younger, anything we call retro or any game that doesn't have 3D graphics. If you're not sure, ask me.

Interface design
I can design a user interface that fits your game if you're already developing one.

With engines like Ren'py, Godot and Defold, I can handle the programming parts of your game, be in adding a small feature or the main mechanics of your game.

3D renders
I do some 3D renders in daz3D and I offer that service as images ready to use in games if you want to make a game but can't find an artist to draw for you.

Other non game related services

There are few services that I do for a very cheap price that aren't often related to game development. here's a list:

3D renders
In addition to game sprites, I also render single images or create comic format.

video to gif
If you have a video you want to turn into a gif, edit a gif, create an animated banner, advertisement, signature or avatar. I can do it.

Video editing
I can't work on big videos due to slow internet, but if you have a video to be edited, you can ask me.

Sound editing
The same story as video editing.

Image editing and any type of Photoshop work
I have more than 15 years of Photoshop experience and worked five years in advertising. Any need you have in those areas, I can probably handle it.

3D modeling
If you need something simple modeled, textured or modified in 3D I might be able to do it for you.

What I wouldn't do
There's almost nothing I wouldn't do for money as long as it's not illegal, if you're not sure, just ask.

Adult content
Not a problem, love it.

I don't need any upfront payment and usually leave the payment till after the work is finished and delivered to you (the pending on the size of the job)
The payment method is paypal, but I accept many of popular cryptocurrencies as well.

Contact info
You can leave a reply here or send a private message but if you want the fastest respond contact me on discord: Kia#6810