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Creating a female pokemon


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Hi, so I want to create a character that's based off of the pokemon, Salazzle. I plan to base this character off of a anime character called Echidna, from queen's blade. I want this character to have like big breast. I got this far, but I was planning to base the armor off of Echidna. My plan was to a mixture of fantasy and science fiction genre with the design. I want so help in do something more with this character with the design. I'm open up to any ideas.

I'm open to any ideas/changes:
- cybernetics
-body type
- hair
- weapon
- armor/clothes
- Etc.

Discord (BridgeZlin#8056) DM if you want to discuss this or to chat in general.


Maybe fire for hair instead of actual hair. I'm using the spikes on my feraligatr as their "hair"