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Creating a new nation


biofit the human race to better fit the area.
have food grown.
apply the better parts of the us grov
3 kids per family
have houses made
making sure only what is needed is taken from the land.
all power would be water,wind,solar, and thermal.
make sure it dosn't become a 2nd earth
all computer os must be linux based


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First, I would sit everyone down and brand the different definitions of "Nation" and "State" into their forearms.

Then I would spend a bunch of money, abdicate, then go back to Earth and get me a book deal.

"Confessions of a Martian Autocrat"


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I'll bring like 36 pounds of pot. Then 16 Kilos of Coke. 336 Cases of top shelf Booze (Grey, Hennacy, etc...) and then about 10 other sexy furs. We would party the whole godamn space trip, Get there, Party some more...Then:
PATH 1: (If it's like earth) Get my hummer brought there crank up the AC, drive over a couple of stupid dolphins and dump a few old car batteries into the ocean XD
PATH 3: If I had to be peacefull after the spaceship party I would get out go pet some strange animal and then build a house. And there are no laws expect no killing or nomming on food that's not yours.

Enjoy the random thoughts of my mind. </Ar-tard>

<Mature> I would settle the place and make a democratic dictator ship and try to make it am actual Utopian city. I would create a better like..."Where the artist does not fear the censor, or the surgeon is not bound by petty morality..." -Andrew Ryan (Bioshock).
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I just wrote this whole rely long thing but I accidentally pushed alt+left thinking this was like word, now everything is gone...I cry, and will write about my socialist revolution tomorrow.


"I say we forget this business and run."