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Creating a Plug.dj Furry Community


New Member
Hello furballs,

I've just found plug.dj again. The Site was down but it is back online! I was looking for a furry community but there are just old communities without any people in it. So I'm asking you now. Would you like the create a new one?
We could start with this one: Come hang out on plug.dj and listen to awesome music for free.
But I don't need to be the host of this community. Maybe there is someone who would like to manage this or I could just give the people permissions.
We could also create a new one. I don't care. I would just like to have such an community on plug.dj ^_^

Please tell me your thoughts about this idea.


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It's a nice idea. I already have a room I visit semi-regularly because I am a mod in it. I am no that active on Plug because it would require a lot of alt-tabbing.

As for an unofficial FurAffinity plug community... I say go for it.



Good luck on your endeavor, mate. :)