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Creature remix... need some ideas


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Not your typical request thread...

I'm bored and want some animal anatomy challenge for my spring break. So here's what I'm asking -
Give me at least two creatures in your post - I'll draw a hybrid.
If you want one of the creatures to be your fursona's species and coloring, go for it.

Lots of love, furry peeps. Thanks in advance.


When in doubt: C4
wolf and coyote.


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wolf and coyote.
Isn't that what they call a 'red wolf'?

But seriously, the key word here is 'challenge', so let's try to think outside the clichés, right?

Here are some I thought of:

- Lion/eagle (and no, not that kind).

- Otter / Praying mantis

- Arctic fox / raven


When in doubt: C4
no. a red wolf is an actual specie of wolf. and the coyote/red wolf hybrids are threatening the pure blood red wolf gene pool and, in fact, coyote breeding is the biggest threat to the already small red wolf population.


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You could try Niva if you'd like... She's a unicorn, Snow Leopard, Rabbit hybrid.. .:p
http://www.furaffinity.net/full/1759609/ - This one doesn't show her hair or horn color
http://www.furaffinity.net/full/2093035/ - This one shows her hair and horn color but no spots yet...

It's weird I've never actually finished a picture of her... >.>

You don't have to I'm just throwing her out there since you said you wanted a challenge... I'm sure others are more deserving then me... ;)


how about a sea monkey (stuff of nightmares) crossed with a bear. That'd be interesting to see.


When in doubt: C4
how about a caterpillar and a moose


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how about a lionfish and a hummingbird?