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Creepy ass games


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System Shock 2. Had to play that one with the lights on.
Well the first Condemned was pretty creepy for me, how some of the enemies looked and the sound of some of the guys running around and not knowing when they would pop out. Some of the quests in Oblivion were sorta creepy I guess, its more of the enemies that were there.. like the wraiths..

That level from Thief.. My friend was the one playing it and man..

And Resident Evil (REmake) that was a game I couldn't play. I beat Zero, 2, Code Veronica, 4, and Outbreak.. But for some reason that one crept (Lol I typed creeped first.. then found out that's not a word) me out.




Shadowman, both the level with the twisted lullaby music, and the level with mr. night vision goggles in the roof.

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RE: Code Veronica creeped me out when I played it for the very first time, Doom 3 was kinda creepy first time through, the second half of Bloodrayne was pretty creepy but nothing has sent chills down my spine more than Silent Hill 2.


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Silent Hill, 2 and 3.

Still getting over the scream in the prison's men's bathroom and the hanging body in the haunted mansion. Eesh.


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The Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, System Shock 2, AvP2, and the Ravenholm level in Half-Life 2 all freaked me out to various degrees.
Oh yeah, the Ravenhold level was pretty creepy. Those screaming fast zombies and seeing that one zombie with all the poison headcrabs for the first time.


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Resident Evil (remake) that shit scared the crap out of me with all that extra content +plus playing it around midnight by my self...And yeah Ravenhold= omg RUN!!!wtf dead end -dies-


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Siren. man that game just scared me shitless.


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Half Life 2 in the chapter 'We Don't Go To Ravenholm' scared the shit out of me. Headcrab zombies coming out of EVERYWHERE. Thank God for those sawblades and the Gravity Gun. ^_^


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The REmake.

God damn fucking shitting dick nipple Crimson Head shit. Fuck.

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Actually I've never been creeped out or scared by any game yet o_O I was actually laughing at The Suffering. I WAS Playing it with the lights off but it freaked the shit out of my brother XP

Silent Hill wasn't that bad and Resident Evil is fun...Specially with a shotgun >3

Fatal Frame was awsome, Cept for the ghosts that like dissapeared into the dark then came and killed you. XP

So yeah, if you have a good game that you think could scare me send it my way ^^


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Molotov said:
OttahMatic said:
The REmake.

God damn fucking shitting dick nipple Crimson Head shit. Fuck.

Oh snap, I remember them mugs. I shuddered the first time I met the first one.

I didn't even notice it there. The zombie was blending in with the Carpet and when I walked over it, it jumped up and ran at me.

Scared me shitless.