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Cringe Coyote


Just an idea I had. Feedback appreciated.

Name: Cringe
Age: 20
Sex: Female, genderqueer
Species: Coyote

Appearance: Thin and gangling. Mangy around her rump, shoulders, neck, and inner thighs. Slight hunchback. Bad limp in left leg. Half a tail. No breasts.
-Hair and fur: Silver topline, white underside, brown markings, black around the the rump/tail.
-Markings: Normal coyote markings, but her dark/grayish skin shows in patches on her aforementioned mangy places. Has scars in a sort of wrapping look around her neck and on her back legs. Small, circular scars on her left outer thigh.
-Eye Color: Gold
-Other features: Torn right ear, chipped right upper canine tooth.

Behavior/personality: As her name suggests, Cringe is a nervous girl. She has random tics, spasms, itches, and is very jumpy, which is no surprise considering how accident-prone she is. Cringe is wary of strangers and may get too close to friends, as she has a dependent personality. She can be talkative and energetic, but is usually quiet and fidgety. She does a lot of things sub-consciously out of need for constant stimulation and escapism. She's also got an addictive personality, and will chain smoke and binge on different drugs because she forgets how much she's taken.
She's socially awkward and very conscious of her tics and unusual (some might say creepy) behavior, like giggling all the time or making repetitive gestures. She's in no way insane, just incredibly scared of everything. She likes predictable things and refuses to do stuff like play survival horror games or watch scary movies she doesn't know the plot too.
She makes a fuss over things she deems cute, like rats, snakes, hairless dogs, and other "undesirable" animals. She owns pet hissing cockroaches and rats, and for some reason these things don't scare her at all.
Overall, Cringe is a scared, unusual, self-conscious girl with strange tastes.

Skills: Luck of survival, quickness, amazing reflexes, sharp sense of smell and hearing.
Weaknesses: Jumps at everything, not too bright,awkward, kind of grody, gullible.

Likes: Hunting like a fucking spaz, soda, playing around, multiplayer video games, making faces at animals, being a derp, affectionately being called a derp.
Dislikes: Relaxing, books that are "too long", being called weird in a serious way (even if it's true), people hatin'

History: Cringe was once known (and probably still is known) as "The Clumsiest Coyote South of the Mason-Dixon Line". Of course, substitute clumsy for "insanely lucky" and you've got a good idea of her, too. She was born to average parents, but almost as soon as she was able to move, she was getting into trouble. Caught in at least ten snare traps (which explains the scars on her back legs and neck), shot in the back left leg with buckshot, chipping her tooth on the bone of a poisoned carcass, infested with Demodectic mange, half her tail taken by a bear trap, and ear bitten and torn by a stray GSD - she definitely had the short end of the stick on brains, but on luck it's debatable.
She relies on others to help her out now, afraid she'll mess up if she tries anything on her own.

More shit

Clothing: Long sleeves, hoodies, anything that she can wrap up in so she doesn't feel so exposed, cargo pants, hats, arm warmers, boots, etc etc.
(this is bad but hopefully it gives the right ideer)

Goal/profession/birthdate/star sign: dumb
Theme song: (aww yuh)

Favorite food: Beef jerky (peppered)
Favorite drink: Ginger ale
Favorite location: In a small crowd of people she knows
Favorite weather: Warm with a slight breeze
Favorite color: Blue

Blah blah blah I'm lazy

Orientation: Bisexual


Son of a WHORE!
Has she had a history of drug use? Just curious. :V
Sounds like a canine I'd actually like to draw, if I could find the time.


I suppose if you count weed, cigs, and alcohol as some sort of problem then sure, haha. (Although to be fair she could seriously make it one >_>)

That's be cool c: I had a lot of fun making her.