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Critique a wolf


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i suck at drawing people and i like furries so I'm drawing them this is what i drew than edited on the computer name of the furry is ADORINDA a character for a comic

I'm a new drawer this is the 3 furry/person i have drawn or edited in 4 years



Looks good. Much better than anything I've ever done, although there are a couple of things I can point out.

The eyes need more detail; they look flat.

The snout: the chin could possibly use to extend out a *little* closer to the snout-tip (not much, just a tad), and the top of the snout needs to slope up a bit more from the nose back. It should meet the skull roughly at the mid-line of the eyes, not the bottom.


nitrosdog said:
redone and new shading



Your drawing looks nice, especially with the little bit of added shading. If I might make one quick observation which might help... :]
Wolves have pretty distinctive profiles. They have sloping brows (unlike a fox, which has a domed brow, or a jackal that has a very triangular head) and small ears (most people draw wolves with huge ears, when they actually have pretty small ears compared to other wild canines like foxes and coyotes). When perked forward, wolf ears tend to cup forward. I did a quick redline (attached) to help define a wolfish kind of profile--I hope it helps!