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Critique and possible redline?


Maybe someone can back me up on this (or tell me I'm wrong), but that torso looks like it's WAY too long.


not a nerf herder
Its a little hard to tell about the torso, since the hair is covering everything up ;)
One thing about it though: is that a leg poking out on the right (viewer's) side? If so, it looks a tad too thin.

I don't have my tablet with my at the moment to attempt a redline (which would probably need redlining anyways) but here is the same photo with better levels/contrast/brightness for others to help you with:


Mr. Red Flag
The torso is way way long. I'm doubting that the pose is possible for anyone other then someone who is part-snake. Unless this character is part snake. *tries it* Yup, the rotation is about 30 degrees too far. In general I think it's just a bad pose; you're trying to show her on the microphone, and i was completely clueless that's what was going on until I stared at it for 5 minutes. Poses should help define your character, they can't block the action or the point of the image.