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Critique my design? (Peacock man)


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I made a character design, and I was wondering what people thought of it. This is just a quick sketch, mind you- I'm just getting the basics down XD

anyway, the character is Naru the Peacock XD

His wings were ripped off his back- which is why he has a few brown feathers still on his shoulder blades. (and the remains of his wings)


And yes, he does have male genitals, I'm just too lazy to draw them right now -.- he's a guy, through and through.

What I'm trying to ask- Does he look peacock-ish? Or is there something lacking in his design?
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Given your style I would say yes, it does look like a peacock species.

I like how you made the peacock feathers look like his hair.

Definitely unique. I think with a little refining (since you said this was a fast sketch) I think it has potential to be a real nice character design.


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The lines on the belly look weird. Is he skinny and are those lines supposed to indicate the ribcage?


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Two things I would suggest:

1) Like Paolo, I would suggest the use of a beak rather than the more human looking face.

2) For his footpaws, draw actually talons on the end rather than just bringing the grey scaled look to a point.

Other than that, it's a very neat design - certainly a type of anthro you don't see very often.


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I agree with Kitetsu's colour variations, having him wholly blue is a bit..amiss. Also agreeing with the board, a beak would suit better, even if not completely defined and sharp.
Love the hair! That's very clever! I'm a big fan of the multicolored suggestion. I'm not sure I'm fond of the leg anatomy you have but maybe once it's worked out a bit. The back is nice. I'd too prefer a beak, but it's a preference thing I don't think it's 100% needed.

Call me crazy but I prefer my bird-species to have cloacal openings to male parts, but that's just because I'm a biology nut.