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Critique: critique my latest piece please?


Fallen Angel
I'm still fairly new to digital painting and am quite proud of this! However, certain aspects (such as detailing and shading) are still difficult for me. Could someone point out things that could be improved in this piece (not only painting specific things, perhaps anatomy and the like as well), and if you can, offer advice on which direction to take? Perhaps link me some resources? Thank you!! (The characters don't belong to anyone, they're just random designs)
night melancholy.jpeg


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This is really lovely! I don't do much digital painting either, to be honest, but I've done a fair amount of traditional. The color quality of your lighting is fantastic, it really conveys the warmth of some street lights and the cigarette. If I were to make one suggestion, it would be to really push your shadows, especially in your middle and foreground. I think it would really help to convey the depth of field in your piece.


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Good for a beginner! I'd like the background to have some detail and not be pitch-black due to the intensity of the streetlamps, but that's just me.