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i'm fine
This is the story of a student named Daryl who is expected to cast a simple spell on himself and write an essay on his experiences. He picks a spell that gives him a lizard tail.
The story is called "My Glorious Bastard Tail" or something like that. I think the title does a good job at describing Daryl's simultaneous frustration and admiration of his new body part.
Daryl's attitude toward the project is one of resentment toward the task and wishing it to be done and over with.
Daryl is easily frustrated, impatient, and isn't that bright.
As the transformation progresses, Daryl has no clue what's happening and is frustrated at his inability to control his tail. (It smacks a lot of things.)
Near the end, Daryl grows an appreciation for his tail and learns to control it.

Daryl casts the lizard tail spell on himself
It seems like it isn't working at first, as Daryl expects the spell to work immediately
Daryl looks toward his spell-schoolbook in order to recast the spell.
He realizes that he's run out of << insert material here>> and can't recast the spell.
Disappointed, Daryl picks up his book and sits on the couch, looking for another simple spell to cast for his project.
Daryl reads his book, muttering about how he wishes the spell worked.
After reading for some time, Daryl begins to feel the sensation that he's being pushed out.
He ignores it at first, but eventually, Daryl investigates.
He finds a short bump developing at the end of his spine, very slowly pushing out.
Daryl is both excited and freaked out. The spell worked!... but now what's gonna happen?
Daryl ogles at it and feels around it.
He then feels a sharp pain in the bump as it builds pressure
It gets progressively worse
It gets to the point that Daryl feels he needs some painkillers
Daryl ventures off to his bathroom to take some painkillers.
On the way there, the pain reaches its peak as the bump starts to crack and then split
The pain then suddenly subsides. The bump still hurts, but not nearly as much.
Daryl looks back and finds a skinny tail where the bump was.
He realizes the tail is growing faster than the bump, but still slowly.
He plays around with it some more.
He decides he doesn't need painkillers anymore and decides to make a lunch.
Daryl decides to take some pizza in the fridge and heat it up.
While it's heating, he grabs a notepad to start taking notes for his essay.
Note that there is a glass of soda on the kitchen table, and that there's carpet underneath the table. (Daryl isn't very responsible.)
Also note that at this point, Daryl's tail is about nine inches long.

Daryl stands next to the kitchen table and starts taking notes.
When the pizza is ready, Daryl quickly turns around.
This knocks over the glass of soda he left there onto the carpet below.
This moment helps to sell how long the tail has gotten.
He attempts to clean up the mess while expressing immense frustration at the developing tail.
He is able to clean the glass and some of the soda, but there's now a permanent stain on the carpet.
He grabs his pizza from the microwave, sits down, and begins taking more notes for his essay.
It is at this point that Daryl realizes he can control his tail.
It's not much, but he can move it up and down.
He is so fascinated by this that he messes with it for a while, taking more notes as he does so.
He gradually gains more control as the tail gains more muscle, but is still not able to do much with it.
He's feeling a little confident, so he picks up his wallet and attempts to pass it to his tail.
The tail isn't strong enough to carry his wallet, and it drops.
He tries this little experiment many times over, and it never works.
He gets frustrated until after many attempts, it works.
At this point, the tail is about 18 inches long.
He then reflects on how long it's gotten and makes some remarks toward it.
He begins to appreciate the tail.
He decides to accept the tail and lets it grow while he's doing the rest of his homework for that day.
Daryl takes his schoolbooks and lies on the floor.
He finds the process of the tail growing distracting.
He knows that there's no stopping it, but it constantly gets on his nerves.
During this time, the tail gains the ability to feel things. So Daryl has to deal with the tail slithering outward and feeling his itchy carpets and cold hardwood floors.
He tries moving it around, but ends up knocking over many things within his bedroom and decides it wasn't a smart idea.
Daryl finishes his homework in about an hour and is shocked by his tail's length.
At this point, the tail is almost as long as Daryl himself.
It's also quite thick and powerful, too.
He tries to hug himself with the tail, and to his surprise, it actually works.
...a little too well. He squeezes himself so hard that he almost passes out.
He does eventually figure out how to untangle himself, but this fuels his frustration toward the tail.
The tail then slows down it's growth.
Daryl decides to walk to the living room to watch some TV.
In the process of doing so, Daryl accidently gets his tail tangled on a table leg, causing the table to fall over and trip Daryl over.
Daryl still has little sense of his tail, it's a new thing after all.
Daryl has to clean up the mess he caused, and in the process, starts itching on his tail.
He ignores it at first.
He sits down on the couch to watch his show, tail to his side.
He is able to grab the remote with his tail, but doing so irritates him.
That itching begins to manifest, distracting him from his show.
It gets extremely obnoxious and frustrating.
Daryl takes a look and sees the development of scales.
His skin takes a dark green pigment and hardens
Daryl furiously scratches at it, but the hardening skin makes scratching difficult.
It reaches its peak and then simmers down after a while
In the end, Daryl has a dark green lizard tail that's as long as himself.
Daryl still resents his tail for the most part, but has learned to appreciate it in a few key areas.

I tried to implement a lot of character moments in there, and that's why it ended up so beefy.
If you've read all of that, thank you! What did you think?

Chad Firepaws

Manager at DOM-ino's
Hope I'm not too late lol

Lol this is a pretty detailed outline. I love the thought you've put into this and outlining Daryl's character. As a tf writer myself, so many protagonists fall into tropes or are terribly underdeveloped because the focus is on the transformation rather than character development. However a good, fleshed out character can add a lot of personality to your story, and I really love the effort you've put into it. (Something rare within the genre)

I enjoy the gradual transformation over the course of the story, and how the process occurs over its duration rather than all at once. The character's reactions to each step of the process make a good arc and keep the reader invested. I enjoy how he struggles with the tail at first before learning to appreciate it, as it adds depth to the story.

One thing I just ask is how many words do you intend for this to be? Because the way this is outlined this feels like a pretty long story. If you want to keep it short you might have to gloss out some parts or fast-forwards a bit (Something I unfortunately do sometimes due to deadlines with my commissions ;w;) Feel free to write a fleshed out story but writing 10k + words will be strenuous if it's your first time ( I know this from experience ;w; )