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Critique: New Artist, ongoing



The person I'm drawing for gave me the go-ahead to keep going, so I know they like it, but I would love critique on how to improve!

Edit: the completed art
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Kit H. Ruppell

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You're past me in the lineart department. Don't know what to suggest.


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What Kit said. The only thing that sticks out to me is that her neck is kind of thin for the size of her head. Not sure if that's a stylistic choice or not, though.


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The light and dark values are pretty good. I agree the neck is pretty thin. If it were not for the light outline around the muzzle and nose, It would be hard to see the form of the muzzle. Right now the forehead appears to be flat. The ears, eye sockets and muzzle often affect the geometry of the head.


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I made a rough drawover . My teacher always told me that if the drawing aren't good , everything else doesn't care. I am not professional but at least I can guide you a little bit . Cheers and good luck , keep going :D !