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Critique, s'il vous plaît


The Conmarten
Well, I find that most of my art gets "that's cute" or "that's cool", but little in the way of actual critiques. I'd really like to improve because I know that there's plenty of room for it. These are two pieces I have with very similar poses, but different line weights. Would some of you kind folks care to tell me which you think looks better and why? Also, any other general critiques would be appreciated.

Line Weight=1
Line Weight=2


Well-Known Member
I'm not a great artist or anything but I ---

first off, I love the samurai cat! :)

--- anyways. I like the line weight 2. It's probably nothing more than a personal preference, but I like more clearly defined edges and lines. The line weight 1 looks fine, but comparing the 2 pieces of work, the lighter weight makes the drawing look 'soft'.

But, I can't draw worth shit, so don't take my advise in high regards, heh