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Critique This Red Panda Doodle



Hiya, feel free to critique the heck out of it. Mostly I'm curious if I need to work on the proportions a little more, perhaps the floof aspect, and even watercolor techniques.


But other than that, thank you, if you get the chance to critique this.
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Sorry for a bit of a late response haha ^^;
But Id raise the muzzle a bit more, It seems a little wide horizontally.


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It would probably help you to study some references of the head in three-quarter view, to help give a sense of proportion. Looking at this, it seems that the eyes are out of alignment. Also, the eye that's farthest away from the viewer should be slightly smaller and a little more "squished" vertically, to make it look like it's back in space a little bit more.
As far as watercolor - looking at this, it seems that you are simply using them to color the spaces in, like a coloring book. The great thing about watercolors is that you can use extra water to blend them out, creating highlight and shadow effects. More water + less paint = lighter color; less water + more paint = darker color. Try playing around with different amounts of water to experiment using different effects.
I hope this all makes sense. Let me know if you need me to clarify anything. Good luck!


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Regarding your watercolour techniques. It's ALL about the paper. Get better watercolour paper and your watercolours will look 100000% better. It's essentially dropping colour onto water, and if your paper doesn't hold water properly it won't go very well. You'll make your life a lot easier.