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Greets all,

I've started this gallery up to focus in on my non-digital work, and beyond that, I'm trying to start at the beginning and relearn my technique.

Right now I've got a commission and some gift art in the works, which is undercutting that present study. I was wondering if I could get some critique on the anatomy and composition, before I get to inking and finishing them.

The first would be Reaching Aether and the second, Layra WIP. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Reaching Aether: I like how you chose an active pose rather than cliché standing post, with all 4 feet on the ground. The scale detail is also very nice, I'm sure that took a while.
I see a few issues with construction- for example, the face's perspective is very twisted. We see both eyes facing more or less our direction, and that the horns start just above the eyebrows, but the far horn is placed behind his head instead of above his brow like the other one. They are also two different sizes. Yes, perspective would make the far horn slightly smaller, but not to that extreme, especially when you move the horn to it's proper place above the eyebrow.
Your scales are looking a little flat because they're not being affected by perspective. Towards the edges, the scales would appear to get smaller and closer together, instead of staying the same uniform size throughout.
The ribbed undersides of his arms (scales?) don't follow the contour of his arm, also flattening the image.
I really like the way you've drawn his foot, btw, I keep wanting to look at it. :)
Finally, it's really unclear what is going on in this picture. I *think* what's happening is that he's clinging to a rock face and looking down at the terrain below, but the pose really does not make sense. His far arm appears to be grasping on to the top of something, but that should just be air there, no handholds. You could show his fingers splayed and his claws digging into the rock for grip, or you could have him grabbing onto a handhold underhandedly, as opposed to overhand. I tried this pose myself just now, and it was extremely awkward. Might want to take that in consideration if you decide to redraw this.
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