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Critters that are hard to anthropomorphosise....


The Last of Us.


Primitive Vertebrate
Hagfish. there's a reason I never draw anthro hagfish, despite using one for my name and icon. no limbs, no eyes beyond flat black spots, no bones, no jaw, not even a sucker mouth like a lamprey, it sort of turns the first bit of it's mouth inside out to rasp teeth against its food (often dead whales). it's basically a slightly flattened worm that makes slime. though I did once draw some in clothes http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs31/f/2008/233/f/9/mmm__slime_eels__by_phoenix_feather.jpg just can't make them look at all humanized while still keeping them recognizable as hagfish.


More fashionable than Gucci
I know what you mean. Probably end up with being a bloke with a fish for a head! :D


Yeah, he'd probably have a mohawk going into a back fin and have webbed fingers and toes with something like fins coming off his wrists and ankles. So creature from the black lagoon on an acid trip.


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i think its pretty obvious that insects and sea creatures would be the most challenging...and snake. cuz no legs or too many legs and not a lot of differentiation between head and body.

but what about other creatures?
how about a sexy frog/toad?
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