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What I am offering are one of a kind, (totally unique!) hand stitched, physical badges! My badges are all original patterns. No one badge is ever recolored for someone else. Badges are a three step process - from original art, to personally converted pattern (no auto software here!), to stitched work of art. They are done on plastic 14 point Aida canvas to give them strength and rigidity while still being flexible and soft to the touch. Backs of each stitching are finished off with sewn on felt to protect from fraying and any loss of stitches over time.

Prices for my badges are as following:

◘ 3x4" - Busts only* - $90
◘ 5x6" - Busts - $190
◘ 5x6" - Full Body - $250
◘ Custom sizing available. Pricing to be discussed. Nothing larger than 6x6" will be considered at this time.

Additional Costs may be added on to these base prices if your character has more than 3 base colors or if your character has extra limbs, tails, wings, ect. Additional colors will be an extra $2 for color due to material costs. Flat Rate shipping + clip on badge tag are included in base price.

*Allowances for full body on 3x4 badges may be allowed for small animals such as mice, bats, simple chibi forms for an additional cost TBD.

Other features that may be requested at no additional cost:

◘ Characters Name - worked into image, no increase in size to badge.
◘ Metal D Ring - allows for use as key chain on smaller badges.
◘ Reverse messages - Limit to short phrases only, may be sewn into the felt on the back of the badge.

If you are interested in commissioning me for a badge then please send me a note on FA with the following:

◘ Character Name:
◘ Species:
◘ Reference Images:
◘ Your favorite color or color associated with the character:
◘ Size of badge:
◘ Full body or bust:
◘ D-Ring or Stitched Badge Tag:
◘ Additional requests: (Ie. If you want the characters name incorporated into the badge, pose specifics, or accessories you want included.)

Payment is required in full before any work will begin. Payment must be made over paypal. For larger badges, I can split cost into two payments, however no needle work will begin until the piece is payed for in full. This is simply because I cannot resell a custom piece.

All prices listed are in USD. International shipping (Outside of the US) may be an additional cost. Rush orders are not available, but I can try to work with reasonable deadlines. Minimum time required is roughly 2 - 3 weeks.

Generally, I do not accept trades for cross stitched pieces. Some exceptions may be made for friends or like goods on occasion.

Commissions are completed in the order in which they are received.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.