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Crypto Mining Machines


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My dad brought home a Crypto mining machine not too long ago. I'll be honest, I'm not too familiar with the mechanics. I think it just generates Crypto all day? Namely Ravencoin and ETH is what we've settled with thus far.

If any of you have a machine like this or just want to talk about Crypto generating/mining, spam away at this thread. I truly do find Crypto pretty interesting. xD


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its a power hungry pice of data that big investors have tricked the world into thinking that it has great value so they can sell the shit to us


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I caan give you guys my netherite pickaxe if it helps!


This Serval Bites!
What happened here lmao


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As of right now. It isn't worthwhile to use a machine to generate your own crypto-currencies
Since you are mining Ethereum it will use 186.47 kWh to do 1 Ethereum transaction. A carbonfoot print of 104 kgCO2

It's pretty bad tbh