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Cub commissions ($500+ budget)


New Member
Looking for an artist to do a few male feline cub pieces for me.

  • Reference sheet (SFW)
  • 4x Telegram stickers (SFW)
  • 2x Pinups (questionably NSFW)
Feel free to send me a message with your details (prices, which commish/examples/limits). Would prefer the artist having ample experience in drawing cubs.

Ways to contact me (since I don't look on here very often ^^) :
E-mail: icemosi@hotmail.com
FA site: Userpage of Mozyz -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Discord: Mozyz#9280
Skype: Mozyzz


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i can do the sfw ones?? ;;
hi! i have commissions open if you're interested in mine ! :'0
i also offer a lot of discount offers and my prices are actually fairly cheap compared to others, ranging from $1-$60+ !

info: Cheap Commissions ! [OPEN]
art examples:
View attachment 26321
more examples of my art are in my deviantart: ceIine's DeviantArt Gallery

thank you so much! <3
My digital commissions are open!

To contact me please not me on one of the sites below or at therealolivepart@gmail.com

Artwork Gallery for TheBreadShack -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Olive Garden (@thebreadshack) • Instagram photos and videos here are all my examples!


✨Simple (Dot Eyes)✨

✨headshot $5✨

✨bust $10✨

✨waist up $15✨

✨full body $20✨

✨(add a character +$4)✨

✨Detailed (Actual Eyes) ✨

✨headshot $8✨

✨bust $15✨

✨waist up $25✨

✨full body $30✨

✨(add a character +$6)✨


✨Ref Page: $40-$75✨

✨Sketch Pages: $30✨

✨Make It Colored: +4✨

✨Add shading +$2✨