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Curious on who could make a partial fursuit of my char in the future ~


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Lately I have been wanting to get a suit of my fursona .... Im 25 so done growing least I have been for yrs lol.... but I am on the smallish side abit...ex: my shoe size is 5 1/2 wide....
Not looking into commission right away I got real life things should put my money towards first.(maybe Christmas time ?) But really just curious who or you would be able to do a cute style for her. I think her style would fit the komono style best.

Notes: Hair does not have to be that long.... can be at shoulder length and does not have to be exactly like is in the pic. would like to try keep the side bangs in the front the lil curly piece not necessary I would prefer to add claws to her. If paw gloves need paw pads it should be the same as her feet paws pads. I so don't need a super long tail its just an art choice. (I can figure out measurements later) Eyes are like a neon green and then a darker neon like green for pupils