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Curious who'd like to do some romantic erp


The golden fluff

I like romantic erotic rule plays
I'm a girl
I like being my sheep self


Magepunk Fashionisto
Is ERP "erotic roleplay?"

Also, how old are you? I only feel comfortable doing RP like this with someone who's around my age

Captain TrashPanda

A broke college racc
This is Chris Hansen reminding y'all to be careful with who you rp with.

On the flip side, I'd love to do some erp. My sona is a male raccoon.


Friendly Stonerboi
Hmm.. wonder if my spotted hyena boi would match up with your sheep?


Succumbing to her own psychosis
Huh. I'm gonna watch panda, lol. no weird stuff.


Certified God
Ello there, how might you be doing? I saw your ad here and i have to say you have intrigued me, if you would like to chat some more, dm me and we could discuss things:)