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Curious Writer...

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
Good to know, thanks. This tempts me to research further into this.

It all comes down to available time. Work like this generally comes with a deadline. One has to ask oneself, "Can I budget the time to learn the rules and create the scenario(s)?" and "Will this make it harder for me to complete my other projects in a reasonable time-frame?"

It would be wonderful if this body didn't need maintenance care, like sleep.;) Some of my best work comes out when I should be sleeping.
I'm a big fan of sleep, much to my girlfriend's chagrin.

Being serious, I've found that for roleplaying games, a lot of times the client or clients don't require you to know the rules; their looking for someone to fill in the background lore or smooth out the prose. The roleplaying game jobs also frequently run into delays, so you'll probably be done with you requisite work long before the client is ready for it.


My writing does well here.... but only on being favorited. I rarely get comments and I can't even tell what triggers people to do it. It kinda bothers me since art will get a lot of comments but I'm mostly over it these days. Stories take time to read through and aren't instant visual gratification like art where people can look at it, get excited and post a quick comment. I have a good bit of watchers and usually get a lot of faves from people so I try to let that be enough. Plus, I'll get randomly recognized on Discord servers and that's nice :)