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Current Role in Life


Thrashing About
Snatched this thread up from an old site I used to hang out at.

What role do you play in your everyday life?
Whether it's helping people, or just being optimistic, we all play a certain role that distinguishes us from friends/family.

The leader? Father/Mother figure? The child? You can think of something.

I would say that I have the role of the big-brother. I always watch over my siblings and friends, making sure they don't do anything stupid that will hurt their chances in life. I'm a little overprotective of my younger brother and sisters, and I discourage them from doing something they'll most likely regret. I'm a bit of a killjoy in that regard.

My two older brothers are gone living their own life, so I just thought it was my duty to take the big-brother role.

How about you?
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I feel that I don't have much of a role in life at the moment.

My younger brother looks after me more than I do him so I don't play the role of big brother very well. But then he's never really needed much from anyone. All I'm ever good for is lending an ear to my friends and family. I listen and I speak and hope that they take what I say into consideration for whatever they do. Apparently I'm easy to talk to...or something like that. So I suppose I fill the role as confidant in my life.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
Third person Byronic hero.


Vere Adeptus
I am the underdog protagonist. The farmboy who turns out to do big things. (Note: I have never lived or worked on a farm, nor have I really contributed much yet since I am still a student, grad student I may be).

Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
Self-sufficient janitor/student NPC.


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I play the role of the seemingly adopted son that is nothing like the rest of the family.


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An anti-nihilist magnificent bastard body mechanic.

Hikaru Okami

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The younger brother. Most of friends are older than me so it makes sense.
Right now, I'm trying to finish up college stuff so I can get my degree and get my career started. At the same time, I'm trying to help out my younger step-sister who's been unemployed for a while. So, I'm a bit of both student and big brother.


My current role is fearlessly defending dishes from filth at a local restaurant precisely 5-10:30 PM Thursday through Sunday! I clean dishes without hesitation or question for it is my job, and I get played to do so hahaha! I'm sure I have more purpose but it just hasn't made itself clear yet haha


I'm all right.
I play the roll of big brother who's left home as well as the roll of NCO in my platoon.


Sly Keaton Tobias
At home, lazy older brother.
In school, lazy smart kid.
With my group of friends I'm the tritagonist.


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Powerless side character


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I'm the indifferent NPC that stands in the middle of nowhere forever waiting for random people who he can give quests to.


The Last of Us.
Occupy space untill retirement or death, which ever comes first.


A mother father Chinese dentist.


She do a blep
The overworked "parent": my mate and our two closest friends are younger than me, and they always ask me advice (one has even started calling me "mom").

And the teacher, starting tomorrow I'll be a preschool/pre-K teacher. Could also count as the "parent" bit again since many kids in our preschool spend more time with us than their actual parents.