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Currently looking for ideas/concepts for my game development project.


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I started working on a 3D anthro animal/furry game with a few friends irl around a week back, as of right now we we're just preparing ourselves for possibly two to three years of work. All we have in mind right now is that we want this game to be an adventure/platforming game, there is currently not a lot going on right now as we're just configurating some stuff with our tools and engine. If anyone has any ideas/concepts I would love to take and implement them when we do start development.

Figured I would ask this here since the idea box in my head is empty.

Judge Spear

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If you put in wall running, your game will instantly be game of the year. Because I will put a gun to Geoff Keighley's head and make him give you the reward. :)

Do it for me.


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Furry games quite often go straight to the ol' 2D platforming well, so you may be in for a bit of competition.

Maybe you could make it a game more about traversal than fighting? Like a 2D take on Mirror's Edge? Less about conflict, more about racing, time trials and pulling off wicked stunts? That would give you a more unique selling point. You could bring the challenge in the form of requiring more precise timing to generate speed, maybe.