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The Nabmancer.
[Never posted here before, if there is info missing or needed let me know.]

- I am currently open for commissions -
I do both traditional and digital artwork.
I am able to do any species wither they are feral or anthro. I also work in a few different styles but have most experience in my comicbook-like style.
Here are samples (most are full body.)

Super Mario Strikers Theme: The inking and coloring is sketchy in nature. I am able to do a wide range of poses.

Comicbook Style: My main drawing style.

Simple/Clean Style: A style that I am still currently working on but able to do if my other styles are too intense/inky for one's taste.

For those that are looking for something more traditional I work in Graphite pencil and work on animal pencil pieces. Here are 2 examples.



Furry related gallery: Furry Artwork by Castgurl on DeviantArt

My current prices are on my DA profile along with rules/conditions. The rest of my furry related work can be seen here along with other pieces. While my artwork is on my FA, I upload most of it to my DA account. If you are interested in a commission at all or have questions you may reach out through here or through DA. Thank you for looking!