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Currently/Recently Playing Thread



I FINALLY bought GTA V. Gonna go home and enjoy the fuck outta it.


long live Jerry
I started a file in Skyrim that I only play when I'm high. My Khajiit's name is Mittens.


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The Last Remnant - I've been told that this game punishes you for grinding, for trying to make your team better? I haven't read anything yet to prove it, but it makes sense how the first time I go somewhere I have more trouble then I should.

Clicker Heroes - My Siyalitas is 10000, but it's not enough to beat the 3600 maker like I've read it would, so I'm working on getting other abilities higher to make the climb easier.


Everything changed when the Fire Nation killed God
If anyone wants to play Overwatch, I'm trying to build a team. I got like two and a half people so far.... I am on PS4 and I (mainly) play:
Genji for offence
Mei and trash (bastion, but I hate playing him cuz he's trash) for defense
D.va for tank
And my main is mercy for support


To Kill the Child; to Set the Adult Free
Uncharted 4. This game really is my favorite right now. I know that sounds cheezy like who the heck still cares about this series right? Well I do. Heck of a good game.


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Odin Sphere. Despite a few design flaws to be salty over (Beldor why do you have to be flanked by two Axe Knights, one is enough, and Inferno King Onyx will you PLEASE NOT SPAM YOUR STUPID FLAMING CHARGE ATTACK), overall the game is just amazing. Full of personality, too.

However, I am also a little salty over the fact that after buying a copy of the PS2 version from the PS3 store then I discover that its HD remake (Odin Sphere Leifthrasir) was releasing very soon. Plus, it includes a "Classic Mode" which is almost an exact port of the PS2 version . . . which one do I play?


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TF2, lots and lots of TF2. Right now I'm staff in a community, and I'm trying to learn how to play spy and how to trickstab.


The Over Caffeinated Vulpine
League, Overwatch, and The Division most of the time.


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Picked up Heroes of the Storm, been in a gaming slump. I've been playing Terraria too but my friends keep spawning bosses on me while I'm building. Then they dug straight down to hell where they belong.


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I always find it amusing how Heroes gets abbreviated as HOTS.

I haven't played much recently that feels worth noting. :( I put a few hours into Monster Hunter 4 the other day, and the addition of random large monsters while I'm out on quests definitely makes things more engaging, even though they still seem to take too long to kill.


I'm currently playing Rayman Legends and I'm loving it.
And I'm also playing Hereos of the Storm, Gauntlet, Team Fortress 2 and Mario Kart Wii (I'm fantastic with Dry Bones)


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Yesterday I made it through the Ginso Tree area in Ori and the Blind Forest.

WOW. That climb out was so unspeakably epic that once I was out, I had to call it a session and take a few minutes to wind down.


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Shift 2 Unleashed until I get mad, then Brutal Doom until I get madder, then Sim City 4 to calm down. Sprinkle in some Minecraft for flavor.


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Finished Undertale. First playthrough ended as neutral-pacifist. I actually had to give some thought about whether to spare or kill Asgore, and Flowey ... I'd seen images of the final boss but I wasn't expecting the game to go meta with it ... it really caught me off-guard.

Oh, and Flowey suggested I get in contact with Alphys.