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Currently/Recently Playing Thread


Mr. Villanous charm
Suggest giving War for the Overworld a try.
Already have War for the Overworld, mate. It's good game, but perhaps a bit short, the campaign that is.


Notka- What?

I wanna see if I can make my whole team martial arts masters
and see if they can beat the game while fighting with nothing but their bare hands ─‿─)


Well-Known Member
By now, in Monster Hunter Generations I've been ... 'introduced' to all four of the game's mascot monsters. Gammon, Mizutsune, Astalos, and Glavenos ... or as my pet names for them go, Fluffy, Bubbles, Sparx, and Barney.


Mage of Void, dammit.
Finished some rounds on TF2 today. I also once had Project M.

But the one game that everyone should play....

I found this game called Hearts of Iron 4, and its F***ing amazing! Over 60 hours on record in two weeks.. So i haven't really had much time to play anything else.. But i'm planning to start playing Star Wars Old Republic again.. Since everybody is playing wow again..


The True Anti-Conformist
Fallout 4. I am enjoying Nuka World and playing a much more ruthless role than before.

GTA 5 Online. Just getting into the Online part of the game. I'm enjoying all the different things, but I prefer the solo missions and activities. Met a few cool people around and had fun, met some incompetent ones with no common sense and put them in their place, and met a few a-holes who were disappointed that I'm smart enough to engage in passive mode.


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Beat the final boss (Shagaru Magala) in MH4U. Okay, so the credits didn't roll, but that was the climax of the story campaign so fair enough. Caravan can now park in Dundorma and we have access to High Rank caravan quests now. Good thing I got a lot of practice fighting Daimyo Hermitaurs in Generations, because the first one I went up against in MH4U was nasty.


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Unlocked the 5-star quests in Monster Hunter Generations -- all we had left to do was take down a pair of Khezu (never have I had so much trouble against Khezu than there) and a Yuan Garuga (which actually went rather well ... those guys are nasty with a capital N). We now have our official quests to go hunt three of the game's four mascot monsters.