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Curving a hole in foam


Got tea?
My fursuit head will have 2 pairs of eyes. The bigger ones of course will be on my eyelevel so I can see. BUT! The second pair will be on my cheeks. I wanted to make them 'vents' so I will be able to stay in fursuit longer a bit. But then there is a question. When should I carve the eyesocets? When I have a cheek ready to glue to my balaclava? Or maybe I should glue it, but not cover the whole surface but edges so I won't make a hole in my balaclava by accident?
I have no experience with making fursuits, this is gonna be my very first time.


Fursuit Maker(?)
Personally, I build my heads with a fleece/spandex balaclava that I sew myself. This way, its very expendable and I don't feel bad if I have to cut a part out. I would cut out the eye socket vents after the base is finished. ^^