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$$ Custom Adoptables [open 6 slots]


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Remember to read all the rules before filling in the form! Forms that are improperly filled out are auto ignored.
If you've filled out the form properly and sent it via note you can expect to receive a notice that an invoice as been sent to you
Work will not begin until money has been sent

status: OPEN (6 slots)





What you can buy!

Standard Custom
Price: 20 CAD
One coloured fullbody
One coloured mini (not a chibi)
One sketch head shot

Deluxe Custom
Price: 30 CAD
One coloured fullbody
One coloured chibi (with alternate outfit)
One coloured chibi back view
One sketch head shot

Monsta Custom
Price: 45 CAD
One coloured fullbody
One coloured alternate fullbody pose (Alternate outfit)
One coloured chibi (Alternate outfit)
One coloured chibi back view
Three Alternate outfits in total

(prices can be haggled)

Custom Form

I prefer you send in real people photo references (or drawn) of what you want instead of vague or over described descriptions. please be specific if you want something specific, if not I'll take it as incentive to take artistic liberties

Your username and paypal email:
User name | Email

Custom type: Standard,Deluxe or Monsta

only humanoid species:
humans, slime people, kemonomimi, mermaid, monsters (Read FAQ), Fantroll (read FAQ), Anthro

Physical appearance: Anything about their physical look (if you don't be specific I'll end up doing what I like.)

Link your references here and make sure to label them!

[Link] I want this face shape with
[Link] With this persons nose and
[Link] This hair! and use this photos skin colour

Main outfit:
Style: Punk, Urban, Pastel, Formal, et cetera
Description: Do you want it to be slightly disheveled? Hoodie unzipped? zipped up? neat and orderly? Coffee stains or grass stains? (optional if youre looking for specifics)
References: Link your outfit references here in the same manner as physical appearance links.

Alternative Chibi outfit:

Extra: Anything that didnt fit in the other categories ex: Oh make them look tired/angry/happy/grumpy/sultry with a hello kitty bandaid on their nose! and with a mole under their left eye and above the right corner of their lip/freckles across the bridge of nose/monolid eyes/ whatever is relevant

General Rules

Custom Design

  1. I excel in drawing men who are bara or lean/muscular but I can do other things if you want me to (just make sure to tell me in the form (but i do personally prefer drawing manly baras))
  2. Some forms may be rejected if I feel like I can't do a satisfactory job on what you want
  3. You may change minor details like colors and accessories, but the design should remain mostly intact.
  4. After the payment, when you receive the character it becomes yours.
  5. I want to be credited every single time you post on different platforms
  6. I prefer drawing urban and punk clothes but I can do anything as long as its in my knowledge range (ex i dont know a thing about traditional japanese clothing or other cultural things like that)
  7. You MAY NOT change your fantrolls in anyway if it involves anything from my will not do list in the FAQ


  1. You are not allowed to sell your character for a higher price than what you purchased it for (That would be ripping off the person youre selling it to! You paid for the work and not just the design. why make someone pay more?)
  2. Trading for other designs, MYO or any type of art is allowed. Note me so I can change the owner and make sure you tell the other person you are trading it to who designed it. (this includes giving them the extra art you received)
  3. I don't give any type of refunds (also if you sell your design and expect to get a refund from me you wont get it)


  • How long will I have to wait for my custom?
It really depends on when you bought it, what customs were purchased earlier and how my offline work and personal business is going. Art is work and it takes time so give or take a month or month and half if there is a lot on my plate. Monsta custom adopt packs take the most most most time due to the contents

  • You said you do monsters? what kinds?
At the moment for this batch of adopts I'm only doing Multi Arm Monsters (4 arms), Cyclops, Nagas, general demons i guess and object heads.

  • You do fantrolls!?
Yes! I do. You should read my dos and don't here so you know what youre getting into

I only do:
Canon blood colours
Civilian clothing and canon godtiers
Msparp ragdolly style( you know, the one with the bean hands!) instead of my normal chibi if you so want it
And If you have a sprite you want drawn in my art style please present it to me with your other references

I will not draw:
Fan Aspects and Fan Classes
Noncanon blood colours (no pastels or clear/black/rainbow blood etcetera)
albino fantrolls or fantrolls that dont fit the canon norm in general (odd coloured horns like blue or something)
Fantrolls/fankids derived from canon characters (no kargam babies no dirkjohn babies no jakejane or half troll half human babies!! none of that no fanbabies.)

If you want a custom fantroll/fankid please include blood colour, your symbol of choice (hand drawn or however you feel like presenting it. i dont care if its some pencil sketch taken on an android. As long as its distinguishable) and your horn type. I dont care how you get your horns to me it could be a shitty mspaint doodle or real animal horn photos but please don't steal other fantrolls horns! or use canon!

AND YES I do not sprite at all sorry
  • What anthro stuff do you do?
I'm only comfortable doing fur based stuff (cats, dogs, bunnies any mammal i guess) but no ferals please

  • Will you do pokemon gijinka's?
MMMMMMAAAAAAAYBBEEEE?? I don't know I've never been into making gijinka's. You could ask and see how I'm feeling about it in the moment.

  • Will you do NSFW stuff??
No not at the moment. Gore, fetish, or sexual themes are a big no! Even if i do start nsfw comms it would only be available to people 19+

  • I have a question but i dont know where to ask! do i note you or???
Please leave any questions you may have in the comments below or if youre shy just note me