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Custom Brushed Yarn Tails!! (and one premade for sale)


stars in my paws
Hello! I'm Mystari and I do custom brushed yarn tails! I have some examples for y'all (but not a WHOLE lot because right now I'm my only customer, ehe) (I've made a few as gifts for friends but like not a lot)


((That one's for sale!!! for $70+ shipping this 24" VERY fluffy beautiful tail can belong to you ^^ Can choose your attachment via round carabineer clip, or with ribbon ties sewn in, or just using that loop as a belt loop and I would put fur tufts around the loop to make it look more natural))


This one was a gift to my friend, at that point I hadn't decided how I was going to "finish out" tails so the yarn loop is still kinda weird. I have enough of each of these yarn colours left to duplicate this tail. It would be a 4 colour tail, just specify you would like this one at any length.

I'm currently working on perfecting my guard hair technique, so for now that is not available ^^;

SO let's get down to customs pricing :3c these take me approximately 4-9 days to complete depending on complexity if I'm able to sit down and work on it all day, that's why the pricing is so high ^^;

Up to 2 colours "toony" tail (only one shade of each colour, will look more "flat" like the majority of faux furs) (3+ colours, add $5 per colour to the below prices) (Adding random spots, leopard or cheetah, will be +$7, and specific patterns/symbols will be +$10 to the price below)

16 inches: $56
18 inches: $59
20 inches: $62
22 inches: $65
24 inches: $68

You get the gist, add +$3 for every 2 inches

For "realistic" tails (where I take 3-5 somewhat similar shades of a colour for a more varying, random realistic look, but are all considered the same "colour":

1 colour: $0 + the price of the toony tail of the same length
2 colours: $6+ the price of the toony tail that length
3 colours: $11 + the price of the toony tail that length
4+ colours: +$11 + $2 x the number of colours exceeding 3 + the price of the toony tail of that length

If you have any questions regarding where your tail would fall in this pricing, feel free to either note me on deviantArt @xxstarfallxx, or my fA @kitsunefeathers, or email me @mendris@comcast.net and we can work out pricing ^^