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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Custom Character Gatcha! $7+ (OPEN)


Rawr I guess?
Official FurAffinity Post can be found here, though you can order here as well!

Massive Custom Character Gatcha!v2_2.png

Note: All color palettes shown above are ones I found free to use and are allowed to be used for profit.

Red Gatcha! Random Roll: $7.00
Yellow Gatcha! Species Choice, Random Color Palette: $10.00
Green Gatcha! Color Palette Choice, Random Species: $10.00
Blue Gatcha! Choose Both: $20.00

Re-Roll Species: $1.00
Re-Roll Color Palette: $1.00

Two fullbody simple reference sheet: $25 extra (front+back if kenomimi/anthro, left+right sides if feral)

Opened this a while ago and finally finished all of the orders, so opening up for a round two! These customs will all be hand-drawn, no bases used! The plus side to this is that I'm good at drawing literally any animal, so the possibilities are endless! You will get to choose whether you want the character to be in feral, anthro or kenomimi form!

So! Here's how this is gonna go! There are 78 different color palettes and 54 different species possible with three lucky numbers allowing you to choose your own and two that'll create a random hybrid! I will be using Random.Org to roll the color palette numbers/species. If you would like to reroll the species or the color palette it will cost a little extra, otherwise if you like what you got once the payment is sent I'll get started!

Complete Species List
1 Wolf
2 Dog
3 Fox
4 Hyena / African wild dog
5 Domestic Cat
6 Lion/Lioness
7 Tiger
8 Lynx
9 Leopard/Snow Leopard
10 Mountain Lion/Caracal
11 Bear
12 Mouse/Rat
13 Squirrel
14 Chinchilla
15 Bunny/Rabbit
16 Bat
17 Ferret
18 Choose your own!
19 Horse
20 Deer / Elk / Caribou
21 Buffalo
22 Goat
23 Sheep
24 Boar
25 Antelope
26 Western Dragon/Eastern Dragon
27 Manticore
28 Orthrus/Cereburus
29 Griffin
30 Unicorn/Pegasus
31 Dutch Angel Dragon (Open original species)
32 Protogen (Open original species)
33 Synth (Open original species)
34 Vernid (Open original species)
35 Sergal (Open original species)
36 Chagra (My closed original species)
37 Chameleon
38 Snake
39 Gecko
40 Hybrid! (Roll two species and combine)
41 Choose your own!
42 Komodo Dragon
43 Turtle/Tortoise
44 Axolotl
45 Salamander
46 Crocodile/Alligator
47 Dinosaur (Pick any kind!)
48 Shark
49 Dolphin
50 Beta fish
51 Eagle
52 Hawk
53 Owl
54 Parrot
55 Toucan
56 Hummingbird
57 Chicken/Rooster
58 Choose your own!
59 Hybrid! (Roll two species and combine)​

Each order will result in a refined, flat-color sketch of the character, like the ones shown on the right. Just fill in the form below and comment or PM me to order one! <3
Gatcha Color:
Male, Female or Non-Binary?
Feral, Anthro or Kenomimi:
If able to choose palette/species, say so here*:

*: Yellow, green or blue gatchas only.

Work Queue
I will close and reopen these slots as I get orders and finish 'em! (1 roll per slot)
1. AsalsALynx: Palette B7, Male Anthro Synth
2. AsalALynx: Palette A1, Male Anthro Mouse/Rat

Free to Use Color Palettes © Their Rightful Creators
Characters now belong to © UhhNoThankYou (Chinchilla), Vallaria (Eastern dragon)
Art (C) Shadowhawkart
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This sounds super interesting! I’ll PM you on here, but just wanted to comment here because I really like this idea and hope more people see it! :)