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(Commission) Selling: ($100+) Custom commissions/ character desings are open!


New Member
Hi!! I'm advertising my customs designs!! I can work with any theme and make NSFW designs too, I also do humanoid designs. I take 3 slots mothly but I'm still working on a custom that I'm late, So this time I only can take 2 slots.

My price base are 100$ for characters without detailed extra limbs or clothes.
My price base are 150$ for characters detailed extra limbs or clothes (ex. long and extreme ornated wings, extremely ornated body parts, big ornated dress etc.)
All custom commission includes fullbody nude reference, fullbody clothed refence, doodle and concept sketches.
Nude custom design are in 80$ and includes doodle and concept sketches too!

Feel free to contact me in my twitter or discord account for a fast answer! Thank you for read