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Art Trade: Custom crochet plush for ref sheet.


Professional Pain in the Ass
I need a ref sheet for my noodle, Misu. Nothing overly complicated. Just a flat colored front and back view and color swatches. I know her coloration is complicated tho.

Normally I'd make the ref sheet myself but I don't know when I might be able to get a new PC and start doing digital art again. It's been nearly a full year now.

I'm willing to trade a custom plushie (or multiple plushies to match the price value of the ref sheet) in exchange for said ref sheet if anyone's interested.

Examples available here..

If you're more interested in purchasing a commission one I have a thread for that in the appropriate forum.


Professional Pain in the Ass
I'm currently sifting through all the responses via FA, Here, and Twitter so please bear with me. I may take more than one trade as well as I do have another character in need of a ref.

I will get back to this thread as soon as possible. Thank you!