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Custom Crochet Pony Plushies!

You read right :) Get your own hand made plush right here!

- I'll be glad to make either a pony straight from the show, or an OC of your own.
- Roughly 7-8 inches long (not including the tail) and sit between 7-8 inches tall. The cutie mark will be on the left side only, unless you request otherwise.
- The entire doll is made of Acrylic YARN (usually red heart but not always). Including the eyes and cutie mark on ponies, as well as any accessories. Then stuffed with polyfill.
- I can and will include accessories.
- These are not made for young children/rough play! Handling/hugging is fine, but be gentle with your Pony. Don't want any stitches coming out (I try to reinforce them as much as possible. My dad seems to like waving them around like a 2 year old as soon as he sees them and they've fared fine but I don't think they could take that constant abuse!)
- Coming from a smoke free home!
- I use my own patterns :) I like making them up, it's fun.
- Be aware of crochet limitations. I'll tell you upfront if there's something (an effect or design, especially on the cutie mark) I can't do/need to simplify.
- For now, only Ponies. I will be offering up other dolls soon though, so if you're interested in something else, feel free to ask me about it.



The second one is a friends Pony OC!

https://www.furaffinity.net/user/theunknownsoul/ - Then my gallery for more examples. I've also made Rarity, you can see her there, and I'm planning on making a Rainbow Dash for myself. I'm afraid I don't have too many right now, I'm pretty new to the craft. :)

Now that silly thing called pricing. It really all depends on what you want! But my base price (for the simplest Pony!) is $25, before shipping. From there it will depend on the design and how many colors would need to be used.
Shipping is $5 within the states, and is $10 to be sent anywhere else.
Preferred method of payment is Paypal.

For now, only two spots cause I don't want to overfill my plate, if people do take interest :)



Any questions, please ask!
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