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Custom digitigrade stilts - Looking for designs and help

Have you ever wear digitigrades?

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Abit Gray

New Member
Hi everyone. I want to make my first Fursuit (to be more specific order one from local maker) but there is one thing I want but need to make myself which are digitigrade stilts.

Yes, I can order them from digilegs.com for 635.11 British Pound (821.77 US Dollar / 732.68 Euro) which is slightly below average monthly pay in my country (Central Europe).

I currently ended High School and will go to University which is where the problem comes. I need to make money for study and I don't want to pay half of price of the suit for digitigrades (I expect the suit to be about 17000 eur including LED eyes and some servo).

Do you have any good designs?
To be more specific I am looking for feet designs (area between human (wearer) feet and ground). I already browsed internet and found some:
I also want to add paw-pads between ground and the construction (probably made of rubber designed to be replaced in few seconds because of wear and tear). I know it will take me longer time to learn how to walk in them but I will learn. I never walked with digitigrades but as children I was learning how to walk on wooden stilts which were connected only to my shin (we also have single wheel bicycle which I am not comfortable with).

I am not sure about the feet joint. When it is solid connection in will transfer all impacts and will not bend on move. One-joint version is too unstable (again, paw-pads are another unstable part and the fact of being in fursuit (with muzzle and tail) is second).
I want to be able to walk in them for multiple hours (I also want to buy Cooling Vest which is about 200 Euro).

Which materials to use?
On the Instructables I saw them using Aluminum Bars which are light but are likely to bend (I worry about it bending over time under me).

PS: I know it is not good idea to have my first Fursuit complicated by stilts (and LED eyes and servos...) but I don't want to have one-pose suit but something which will look real (for example I would want to use Eye Tracking Glasses and animatronic eyes to add more realism but it may be too much (and I don't know any maker who already did that on fursuit)).