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(Commission) Selling: Custom Figurines! - $50-110+

Hi there! My name is Bear. I'm a sculptor!

I'm currently looking to take a few more commissions.

My terms of service, which includes all my contact info: www.tinyurl.com/beartos

My Trello/queue: Trello

I'm much more active on Twitter as well, same username!

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Bump! It's the end of the month so I know it's hard for everyone, but I'm going to be short on rent, let alone any sort of gas/groceries money.


4-tailed kitsune
I'm sorry to hear that :< Are you close on rent? I'm at least thinking about something maybe
I'm nearly there. Still about $70 short for rent before anything else at this point. I do have a job interview Monday, but that won't help atm

I don't wanna force anyone to commission me! I'm just getting the word out, y'know? Advertising!


4-tailed kitsune
So a solid commission would make the difference if you get the money right away. How much would be it be for this Qilin lounging on a raincloud, lying on his back looking up at the sky with his tail hanging to the side?