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Custom Fursona Hoodie or Partial?


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I've been looking to buy a Custom hoodie or partial of my Fursona for awhile. Now that i have the funds to actually order one (i think). I'm looking for an awesome creative creator to do this for me! (More so looking for a reasonable quote as well). Since i don't really know how much one would be, I am willing to spend around 800$ or more -depending- on the craftsmanship and any other extras it will cost. A payment plan would be nice, i can put a deposit down if acceptable, then pay the rest off each month or every time my paycheck comes in....If not ,do contact me nonetheless or post prices with examples of your work here.

My Kyorah:
prntscr.com: Screenshot
prntscr.com: Screenshot
more examples:
Artwork Gallery for MoonButtv -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

What i want for the hoodie:
- The eyes to be 3d on the shoulders, tail and hood.
- Faux fur for her neck tuff/forearms/ear/tail tip.
- Bands on her tail.
- Gauges along the ears (if possible)
- Paws (detachable), Medium glove size, fourfinger.
- The ears (though shown huge) to be a tad smaller, along with the horns and tail.
- On the hood i just want Her ears, horns and forehead eye. (No face)
- Her chest mask be present, 3d
- Fur pattern/ colors close as possible.
- Made in XL ( prntscr.com: Screenshot )

Partial (Head, Paw sleeves, tail, feeties):
- "follow me" eyes?
- The head to be feminine
- chest mask to be present as a necklace? or something.
- paws to be fourfinger, medium glovesize
- movable jaw
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I can do a partial for you. Here's a link to my shop and listing of packages. I'm finishing up two orders getting ready to mail them and working on one. Is there a certain date which you want the partial suit by? Also can you link me to a reference pic of what you want done? I can also do payment plans as well with Paypal.

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Hello! Are you still looking for a master? If you would like you to order and discuss any details. For the basis of the work, I want $ 900. Why put the price higher? I usually work with foam heads, and I need to order a plastic one. Perhaps it was even discussed personally! Do you want a plastic print on your chest? If you are interested in working with me!