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Custom Fursona


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Ok, I am relatively new to the fandom, and I have an idea of what I want for a fursona. The problem is I am a writer, not an artist and would really like to find someone who would be willing to commission my idea into art; a reference sheet.

What I would like:
  • A fursona in both feral and anthro form
  • Anthro form consisting of hair style and facial hair akin to myself, no clothing can be either SFW or NSFW
  • Anthro fursona with full body, close up view of head, and if possible (and not too much money), one pose with my love of archery (my anthro fursona pulling back a bow of my design)

My fursona is a wolf, the color scheme is simple, consisting of three colors: light brown, cream and black for paw pads/claws. My budget is relatively tight but I'd be willing to spend a little more for what I want in a good detailed drawing.

So who/what do you guys think?


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the guy who drew my ref for me is pretty talented the outcome was literally what I asked for with a detailed description... Other than that I don't know many artist


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I could do it, if you wanted. My standard ref sheets are $18, and include a front, back, and side view, plus any other details. Here are a few examples:



Of course, with a feral view I'd need to shift things around on the page a little, and I'd probably charge a few bucks more for that additional drawing. It'd be completely up to you. If you're not interested, then I'd suggest posting about this in the Art Sales subforum.


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Thanks for the replies! I did find somebody to commission a reference sheet for $11, and did a good job. Of course, you can't have too many references ;)