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Custom Hoodie

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So i am wanting to get a custom hoodie. I want something very detailed and rivaling Canada Cosplays stuff. The hoodie would be of this guy here : https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/21256302/1/Furry art?h=40b559
I want ears, paw mittens with little claws, a detachable fluffy husky tail, airbrushed or sewn on spots, ect.
I am looking to spend about $300 or so on this. Anyone with experience and examples will get priority, but will consider anybody that wants to try. Thanks for looking!


Ok, this is gonna sound stupid, but which character, Raze or Trix? I'm assuming since you want a husky tail it's not your polar bear and with the spots it's not Gentoo. and are youlooking for a zip up hoodie or a pull over style.. and on the mittenpaws, do you want it to where you can slip out of them but they would still hang over your hands or totally detatchable? are you wanting the ears to be faux fur or just the same cotton/fleece fabric the hoodies generally are? Do you want your characters hair as well inplied into the hoodie, and are you wanting that faux fur, fleece, felt, some other fabric.. and the tail, same as above, faux fur or another fabric, or the white underhalf faux, the top the same fabric as the hoodie...


Fursuit Maker
I have no exact examples of a hoodie like that, but I do have experience building complicated cosplay costumes and fur suits, and I have made hoodies in the past. I have done airbrushing work as well.

http://atalantadreamweaver.deviantart.com/gallery/8418775 has my cosplay work.

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sweetseri/ has my fursuit.

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/trashingsofas/ is my Fursuit Studio

I am confident that I can make what you are looking for.
I will send you a note with this information as well.
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Red Skyy
I know Andrew Nelson has been working on one for me. Im pretty sure you know who im talking about. Tall, blond hair, lives in sCV area...
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