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(Commission) Selling: Custom model viewer assuring longevity after flash dies ( Starting at $25 )

Ovidia Dragoness

Udder Derg
Why hello there! This is my first time selling anything so forgive me if I'm a little inept at this sort of thing. I go by the alias Some Purple Dragon when working for my game studio Non Euclidean and I wanted to unveil my latest project for all of you to enjoy! It's a 3D model viewer to replace your flash turntables and ref sheets for when you want to commission an artist and have them really understand your character. Or you can just stare in awe at your character. Either works! Below I will show an uncustomized example.


It lives! Ahem. Anyways, this model viewer is fully customizable by the commissioner, from the font to the style of buttons to the background scene (if they have a file for it. An example would be a cave setting.) or skybox. By the photo you will be able to see that the tint of the lighting and rotation is fully customizable to see what your character looks like in different lighting.

For the sake of having everything neat and tidy without any hiccups, you must have the right to the model you will send me to integrate into the model viewer/ref sheet. I will make sure to include the name of the owner of the model in the start screen as well as the original 3D modeler.

The model can be either SFW or NSFW.

You will get 3 versions of the model viewer, one for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is so you can send your artist whatever the correct version of the model viewer is needed for their system.

My prices start at $25 for one model with a customized UI and background. Any extra models you want me to integrate into the model viewer will be an extra $5 each.

If you find any bugs they will be fixed for free!

You of course have the right to your model viewer but I have the right to show off the custom model viewer for my portfolio. You'll of course be mentioned as the owner of the custom program!

One thing people may be worried about is if an anti-virus goes off when trying to open the program. This is completely normal as all these programs are custom. Anti-viruses tend to go off when an exe hasn't been used by a lot of people or hasn't been seen before. Since the only person who will have tested it before you do is me, that means only one person has opened the application before. I assure you that all my files are safe.