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(Base/YCH) Selling: Custom Symmetrical Nature Badges! (SB: $5 / AB: $35)


Twitter: @Woofbytes
Heya guys! I'm a bit new to the forums, but I have an auction that's been going for a bit on my FA!

[Auction Page Here!]

I'm doing these symmetrical nature badges! They feature your character with cell shading and colored lineart in front of whatever nature you choose. The reason I'm doing these as YCH auctions first was to gauge interest and figure out a commission price for the future.

SB: $5
MI: $2
AB: $35 (Includes the 'sticker cut' version, like the Zypes and Santasia examples below)

Bidding ends 48hrs after the last bid.

At the moment, the bids are $5 and $7, respectively! As with all my clients, you get lots of WIPs and back and forth communication to make sure you're getting what you want.

Here's my finished examples: (EXAMPLES NOT TO SCALE. Finished files are ~2000px @ 150dpi)

Slightly older examples:

Also: Let me know if you're going to TFF! I'll be getting my badge printed for it soon, so I may be able to get yours printed/laminated too and bring it to you there. For anything else, this will be only digital still.

Good luck and have a wonderful day! ^^
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Twitter: @Woofbytes
Heya! I know this thread hasn't passed moderation yet, but one of the auctions ends today in ~3 hours if there aren't any more bids, so I'm gonna bump the thread and hope it gets passed off soon.

Edit: Ayyyy nevermind, ty mod!


Twitter: @Woofbytes
Bump! Slot 2 has already ended, but slot 1 ends in about an hour!

EDIT: Both slots gone now! Expect a thread in a week or two of these badges as normal commissions now at a slighter higher price than the auctions went for. (Most likely $10 a piece)
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