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General Info (Sheet specifics below):
  • Payment available through PayPal/Venmo
  • I offer sneak peeks so you can adjust as i work!
  • Style is no object, I will adjust to suit you needs!
  • Any breed
  • Any gender
  • Clothed or nude
  • NSFW available, if that's possible to do.
Contact me through:
  • FurAffinity: LammyG
  • Reddit: LammyG
  • Deviant Art: LammyG (will do Point commissions)
  • Email: LammyG.Art@gmail.com

$30 sheet includes:
  • 1 Full Body view
  • 1 Headshot view
  • Paw pad graph (2 if top and bottom paws are different)
  • Color Samples
  • Info box: filled in or left blank for you!
  • All colors customizable
  • Choose what view of you character you want: ex. Full body front view, side view headshot
  • www.deviantart.com: Midnight Doggo
$50 Includes: