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Contact me: Deviantart | Furaffinity | Toyhouse

- No NSFW/mature content
- Please don't pressure me, it may take up to two weeks due to school starting again (be patient, I make sure to finish every commission I am commissioned, when I can't do something I always refund)
- I can't do deer, goats, humans/anthros (except for alien-like humanoids etc.), cows and sheep and pigs...

Custom Species

Digital Art Commissions

Well, this will be varied, the price doesn't depend on the complexity but do try and avoid too simple designs, I feel like I'm ripping you off ()

I can do customs of my own species like Quilloraptors
I WILL BE DOING UNIQUE LINES SO I WON'T BE USING PREMADE BASES (unless you go for the cheaper option)

$20.00 USD per design. (If you want me to use a base from my gallery - one of my artworks etc. - I'll be $5 cheaper)

Design examples (I'm giving you the best I've got but they are all quillos sorry)


More: toyhou.se/Norva/created

Quicker way to contact me: Deviant art on Tyradopts or Proximasaur
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