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(Base/YCH) Selling: Cute Basic Equine Anthro Base [$5]

I made a cute little equine anthro base file to sell to people. I have it in .PSD and .MDP formats, please specify which you want when purchasing. I'm asking $5 cuz it's like,,, super basic. Paypal only. Reply here!

The file contains:
2x body
5x ears
5x horns
3x eyes
lock-alpha layers for all options except eyes!
No hair, I'm sorry, I can't draw hair.

All options visible here! vv
Sta.sh Uploads 211

Credit me for the lineart. @MechanoidHelix on DA and @OutdatedBoombox on FA.
You can make/sell adopts, and there is no limit on the price you can sell them for.
You may NOT distribute the file itself for free or for currency of any kind. I will eat you.
Please don't do anything, er, racist or homophobic or anything like that with them. I'm not cool w/ that.

I think that's it.