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Cute canid 'based' pic, $8 flat price!


numb with cold
Now for sale, cuteness ahoy! For a flat $8 USD, you can have this adorable pup personalized to the nines to fit your own canid character! The final image is 550x550 pixels, so it can be used as an avatar, an ID, a small printable badge, and everything in-between. All you need to do is fill out a short purchase form, make sure that I see it, and have the money available when the image is completed. Paypal only, please. If you have any questions, comments, or orders, feel free to leave them in this thread, PM me with them here, or note them to me on the mainsite. Turnaround time is dependent on workload, anywhere from three-hours to 7 business days. Originals and re-sizes are avaliable in .png, .jpg, and .bmp formats.

Simple, right? Dang right!

Here's the purchase form:
1. Image character reference reference (HTTP://) image references only, please
2. Hairstyle option (0-3) see image below for available options
3. Background color HTML code (#??????) for a quick reference, click here. #ffffff and #000000 are non-applicable. If you want an invisible BG, simply mark this and the following slot as 'N/A'
4. Background pattern (1-7) see animated image below for available options
5. Voice bubble's text / symbol (3 lines max, 10 letters per line max) maxed text bubbles are hard to read if re-sized to avatar size, if you want to use this as an avatar, keep it short 'n sweet!
6. Valid email address (for payment / file transfer) if you'd prefer to keep this private, message me with your filled-out form instead of posting here.
7. FurAffinity account URL, if applicable (HTTP://) if you don't have one, leave this blank or input 'N/A'
8. Optional re-sized image resolution/s (549x549 - 100x100) must be below 550 x 550, great for avatar and ID use. up to three re-sized images free of charge! resolution MUST be square
9. Format preferences ( ###x### .???) .png is default for all images / re-sizes, .jpg is non-applicable for invisible BG's

Need to see an example? Okay! Here's one for my bestie, Gibby c:

1. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6866842/
2. 2
3. #5a6d1d
4. 2
5. Symbol; an iron cross
6. example@noaddress.com
7. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cgibby/
8. 200x200, 100x100, 10x10
9. 550x550 and 200x200 .png, 100x100 .jpg