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(Commission) Selling: Cute Cartoon Art Style! Prices between $5~$50!


ayy lmao
Hey, y'all! My name is Yuki, and I am OPEN for commissions! Only 3 slots are open right now, so it's gonna be first come first serve.

My turn around time is about 2 weeks or less, and I offer one free revision before completion (usually done before the lineart/inking phase!) I use PayPal invoices for payment, and you can track your commission progress through Trello or by speaking to me directly. I'll always reply to messages either through e-mail, my FurAffinity profile, my DeviantArt or my Twitter.

Prices and examples are listed below the spoiler, as well as on all my social media! Thank you for your consideration!

Commission sheet stiched together.jpg


4-tailed kitsune
good luck!