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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Cute little fox adopts! 2/2 Open $10



Two little cute foxes are looking for a new home!

Flatsale - Paypal (Design only) - $10.00 each

+$25.00 rendered simple chibi - example: https://sta.sh/01izdo9shmjm (you don't get this one, this is personal art and just an example of the add on commission style)
(Other commission options are available upon discussion via DM)

You will get the non watermarked full size upon payment
Please be ready to pay within 24 hours
Don't hide comments
Don't claim the design or artwork as your own creation please
You can make little changes to the design, change the gender, and hair style to make them more your own.

Note: Chibi add on option is a commission option, these are not already completed so there will be a bit of time before they are completed.